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About Us

Godbe Research is a full-service market and public opinion research agency offering comprehensive research services for public sector clients. Our customized primary and secondary research studies apply both quantitative and qualitative research techniques to aid with community needs assessments, public education and outreach strategies, strategic and general planning efforts, community and departmental satifaction, ballot measure feasibility, and public sector marketing efforts.

Godbe Research has the expertise, versatility, and depth necessary to deliver the knowledge you need to succeed. Our capabilities allow us to collect, compile, and analyze data in order to provide actionable recommendations. From designing superior sampling frames and instruments to ensuring accurate data collection and processing, our staff of highly-trained professionals is committed to producing high-quality, actionable, and easy-to-understand research that meets your objectives — on time and on budget. Our expertise spans:

Library Districts
School Districts
Hospital Districts
Transportation Planning Agencies
Property Owners
Councils/Associations of Government
Economic Agencies
Workforce Boards
Political Campaigns